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Final Report

The key to an ultimately useful risk assessment methodology is ease of use in the face of data limitations, production of reasonable predictions that fit available...
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Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management

For dredge operations, a risk-based approach has been proposed for identifying, assessing, and managing risks of low-frequency underwater sounds produced from anthropogenic activities; however, specific details...
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Continental Shelf Research

We review the available information on the distribution and abundance of marine mammals in the Atlantic Frontier area, and the literature on the potential effects of...
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Environmental Impact Assessment Review

Assessment of underwater noise is increasingly required by regulators of development projects in marine and freshwater habitats, and noise pollution can be a constraining factor in...
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Open Access Studies supported by the SML JIP

JIP Sound and Marine Life

The IOGP Sound and Marine Life Joint Industry Programme (SML JIP or JIP) examined a generic Source-Pathway Receiver risk assessment process to: a) Identify data needs...
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