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Fisheries Research

In April 1999 seismic investigations started in an area off western Norway as part of an ordinary three-dimensional survey, using a vessel with two seismic sources,...
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QUIETMED – Joint programme on noise (D11) for the implementation of the Second Cycle of the MSFD in the Mediterranean Sea

The QUIETMED Project is funded by DG Environment of the European Commission within the call “DG ENV/MSFD Second Cycle/2016”. This call funds the next phase of...
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Marine Scotland

These maps are an update of the previous seal usage maps described in Jones et al. (2015). There are three key updates: (1) The telemetry data...
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JIP Sound and Marine Life

A major oil & gas industry research programme has been studying possible effects on marine life of sound generated by exploration and production (E&P) activity. In...
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